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Advisors - Navigate to Your Advisee's Student Center

  1. In SPIRE, go to the My Advisees page:
    • In the SPIRE Menu, click Advisee Information > View My Advisees. The My Advisees page opens.
  2. From the My Advisees page:
    • If your advisee is assigned to you, navigate to your advisee in the advisee roster, then click View Student Details. The Student Center tab opens. Note: If you have more than ten advisees assigned to you, click View All or View 100 in the blue navigation bar at the top of the advisee roster to see more of your assigned advisees.


    • If your advisee was not assigned to you, click View Data for Other Students on the My Advisees page. The Advisee's Student Center Search page opens.
    • Enter the advisee's 8-digit SPIRE ID or Last Name and First Name.
    • Click Search.
    • If more than one student matches the search criteria, click the correct student's Name in the Search Results.
    • The Student Center tab opens.

To access the new Academic Requirements Report or Course History page:

  1. Find the other academic... drop-down list to the left of the Class Schedule.
  2. Click the single down-pointing arrow (Down arrow) to see the drop-down list options. Select Academic Requirements or Course History and click the double arrow button (Go). The new page opens, either Advisee Requirements or Advisee Course History, whichever you selected.