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Grade Categories in Moodle

Organizing your gradebook with categories allows you to group similar assignments together, choose a specific kind of calculation for that category (including dropping the lowest number of items), and then determine how to aggregate categories and other grade items for the Course total. You can create a category in your grade book by going to the Categories and Items page.

Create a Grade Category

  1. In the Settings block, click Grades. The gradebook will open to the Grader report.
  2. In the navigation tabs (at top), click Categories and items. The Categories and Items page will open.
  3. At the bottom of the page, below the table, click Add category. The New category page will open.
  4. Enter a Category name and select other category options. Click Show advanced to see all options. Important options include:
    • Aggregation: The type of calculation you want the grade book to do for this category
    • Aggregate only non-empty grades: Whether empty grades will be skipped or calculated as "0".
    • Drop the lowest: Exclude a set number of marks from being factored into the category total.

    Screenshot of create grade category menu

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save changes.  The Categories and items page will open, and you should see your new category.

Category Total Display Options

On the Edit category page you can format how a Category total will display in the Grader and User reports.

Screenshot of create grade category menu

To edit how a score is displayed:

  1. Open the Grader report and in the navigation tabs (at top), click Categories and items. The Categories and Items page will open.
  2. Locate the row that contains the name of the category. In the Actions column (at right), click Edit category ( Edit category icon ). The Edit category page will open.
  3. Click Show advanced to see all options, and from the drop-down menu next to Grade Display Type, select the combination of display formats you would like to use.
    • Real displays the actual numerical grades (The student's total points for that category)
    • Percentage displays a computed percentage (The student's total points out of the total points possible)
    • Letter displays grades based on the standard letter scale (Converts the student's percentage to a letter grade)
  4. When finished, click Save changes.