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Extend Access to Your University Email Account (Students)

Students leaving the University automatically have access to their University email for 6 months after their last enrollment date. You can now use SPIRE to extend your University email account for 6 additional months.

  • This extension applies only to University email and does not cover any other OIT services.
  • Your University email account will be de-activated 6 months after you leave the University (your last enrollment date) unless you request this extension in SPIRE.
  • Request your extension before you leave the University or within 6 months after your last enrollment date.
  1. Log on to SPIRE.
  2. In the left Menu, go to OIT Accounts > Extend OIT Services. The Extend UMass Email Service page opens.
  3. On the Extend UMass Email Service page, click Extend Email After I Leave UMass. This will enable you to use your University email for a full year after you leave the University. (A message, 'Saved', will appear in blue at the bottom of the page, confirming your extension.)