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Configure UMail in Windows Mail (Windows Vista)

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Note: These instructions follow the version of the software noted above. For other versions, there may be some variation, but the information below should serve as a guide to get you started. To identify the version of your software, look for the About link in the software's main or Help menu.

  1. Open Windows Mail and go to Tools > Accounts.... The Internet Accounts window will open.
    Note: If this is the first time you use Windows Mail, a configuration wizard will open. Close the wizard and follow the instructions below.
  2. In the Internet Accounts window, click Add... (at right). The Select Account Type window will open.
  3. In the Select Account Type window, select E-mail Account and click Next. The Your Name screen will open.
  4. On the Your Name screen, in the Display name field, enter the name you wish to have displayed in the From field of your outgoing messages, then click Next. The Internet E-mail Address screen will open.
  5. On the Internet E-mail Address screen, in the E-mail address field, enter your UMail address (e.g.,, then click Next. The Set up Email Servers screen will open.
  6. On the Set up Email Servers screen:
    • From the Incoming e-mail server type drop-down menu, select IMAP.
    • In the Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server field, enter mail-? where ? is the first letter of your OIT Account NetID. For example, if your NetID starts with the letter J, enter
    • In the Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name field, enter
    • Click Next. The Internet Mail Logon screen will open.
  7. On the Internet Mail Logon screen:
    • In the E-mail username field, enter your NetID.
    • Leave the Password field blank.
    • Clear the Remember password check box.
      Note: We recommend that you do not enter your password. If you do, anyone who has access to your computer can read your email, delete, and/or send messages in your name.
    • Click Next. The Congratulations screen will open.
  8. On the Congratulations screen, select the check box next to Do not download my e-mail at this time, and click Finish. You will return to the Internet Accounts window.
  9. In the Internet Accounts window, select your account and click Properties (at right). The Account Properties window will open.
  10. The Account Properties window will display the General tab by default. On the General tab, under Mail Account, enter a name to identify your account (e.g. yourname UMail). Windows Mail will use this name to label your account.
  11. Also in the Account Properties window, click the Servers tab:
    • Under Outgoing mail server (at bottom), select the checkbox next to My server requires authentication, then click Settings... (at right). The Outgoing Mail Server window will open.
    • In the Outgoing Mail Server window, under Logon information, select the checkbox next to Use same settings as my incoming mail server and click OK.
  12. Also in the Account Properties window, click the Advanced tab.
  13. On the Advanced tab:
    • Under Outgoing mail (SMTP), change the number in the field above from 25 to 465 and select This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    • Under Incoming mail (IMAP), select the checkbox next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL). The number shown in the field above will automatically change from 143 to 993.
    • Click OK. You will return to the Internet Accounts window.
  14. In the Internet Accounts window, click Close. Windows Mail may ask you if you want to download folders from the mail server you added. Click Yes. You will be prompted for your NetID and password before your folders can be downloaded. Once the download is complete, click OK.
  15. In Windows Mail, under the name of your account, double-click Inbox to see your messages.
    Note: If you have created other folders in your UMail account, select these folders to download and view their contents.
  16. To check that your outgoing mail settings are correct, use Windows Mail to send a message to your UMail address. You need to enter your OIT Account password to send the message. The message should appear momentarily in your Windows Mail Inbox.

Congratulations! Windows Mail is now configured to send and receive messages with your UMail account.

Now that you've finished setting up Windows Mail to access UMail, we suggest that you configure your software to look up UMass Amherst email addresses. To learn how, follow the link under Related Pages, below.

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