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Add or Edit Questions in a Moodle Quiz

Adding Questions to a Quiz from the Question Bank

  1. Click on the quiz.
    • If this is a blank quiz (with no questions), the Editing quiz page will open.
    • If the quiz already has questions in it, you will see a quiz summary page instead of the Editing quiz page. To edit the quiz, click Edit quiz under Quiz administration in the Settings block.

        (click to enlarge)

  2. On the Editing quiz page, under the gray box titled Question bank contents, click Show. The contents of the Question bank will be displayed.
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  3. In the Question bank contents box, click Select a category. From the dropdown menu, select the category from which you want to add questions to the Quiz activity. The list of questions within that category will appear.
    Screenshot showing how to add questions from the Moodle Question Bank to a Quiz  (click to enlarge)
  4. You can add questions to the quiz in any of the following ways:
    • To add a single question to the Quiz, click the icon next to the name of the question.
    • To add multiple questions, select them using the checkboxes and under With selected: click Add to quiz
    • To add multiple questions randomly from the category, scroll down to the Add random questions from category set of options and select the number of questions you would like to add from the Add # random questions dropdown menu. Then click Add to quiz.
  5. Once a question has been added to a quiz, you can delete it or move it up and down in the paging order. To modify the question, click the Edit icon next to the question name.

Displaying Quiz Questions on Separate Pages

By default a Moodle Quiz activity organizes all questions on a single page. This means students see all questions at once when they attempt the quiz. You can separate questions into multiple pages on the quiz as follows:

  1. At the bottom right of the Editing quiz screen, click Add page here. A new page will be added under the default Page 1 box.
  2. Click the icon next to an already added question in an existing page box to move that question downward and eventually to move it into the next page.
Last Updated: Apr. 08, 2014