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Help Phone Locations

List of Help Phone Locations

Athletic Fields - South of Mullins
Baker House
Bartlett - west side
Berkshire DC (south side-Malcomn X)
Berkshire house - south side
Brett House
Brooks House
Brown House
Bus Shelter B - Stadium  Road
Bus Shelter C - Sorority/Frat Pk.
Bus Shelter D - E Lot behind Lot 25
Bus Shelter E - Mass. Ave./Sunset
Butterfield House
Campus Parking Garage - loading dock
Campus Pond (west side)
Cance House - front (north side)
Cashin House
Chadbourne House
Computer Science - north entrance
Conte loading dock
Continuing Education Building
Coolidge Tower
Crabtree House
Crampton House
Dickinson House
Draper Annex - east side
Durfee - north side
Dwight House
Emerson House
Field House
Gorman House
Grayson House
Greenough House
Hamlin House
Hasbrouck - off southeast corner
Health Services main entrance
Herter - (Haigis Mall at bus-stop)
James House
John Adams Tower
John Q. Adams Tower - east side
John Q. Adams Tower - west side
Johnson House
Kennedy Tower
Knowles - northwest side
Knowlton House
Leach House
Lewis House
Lincoln Apartments - Unit #7
Lot 21 East side (University Dr.)
Lot 40, ent. To - near small engine shop
Lot 44 - behind Marks Meadow
Lot 62, ent to - opposite Hills
Lot 63 entrance (Worc. D.C.)
Lot 71, ent to - near Whitmore
Mackimmie House - east side-front
Mackimmie House - west side-rear
Mahar Auditorium
Mary Lyon House
Mather Admissions Building
McNamara -on path to Lot 44
McNamara House
McQuirk Stadium (north), Parking lot
Melville House
Memorial/ Herter - on walkway
Moore House
Morrill - (between IV & II)
Mullins Center - northwest team entrance.
Mullins Center - Southwest media entrance
Mullins practice rink - southeast side
Nelson House
North end, ELAB II
North Pleasant St.
North Village (west end, next to playground)
North Village - laundromat
North Village - Sec F, near mailboxes
Orchard Hill Lot #49
Orchard Hill walkway
Parking Garage - exit
Patterson House-East side - front
Patterson House-west side  -rear
Pierpont House
Prince House
Robsham Visitors Center
Southwest Tunnel  (north end)
South end, ELAB II
Student Union - south side
Textbook Annex, east side
Thatcher House
Thompson, SE corner
Thoreau House
University Dr, Bike Path, nr. James
University Dr. Bike Path, Dallas Mall
Van Meter House - (east side)
Van Meter House - (west side)
Washington Tower
Webster House
Wheeler House
Whitmore - East side main entrance
Wilder - east side
Worc. D.C.- NE corner, on Thatcher Way


Last Updated: May. 23, 2013