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Create & Manage Course IT Accounts

Basic information you will need to create and manage course IT accounts is provided below.

About Course IT Accounts

UMass Amherst IT offers several options for instructors who do not want to use Moodle or who are looking for additional options to post their course materials online: Blogs, UDrive, and Web Hosting. Course IT Accounts provide a separate Blog, UDrive and Web space for each course. Instructors can use these accounts to create a Web site from scratch, to post handouts and assignments online, to blog about course announcements, and to share files with students via UDrive.

For more information about using online tools for teaching & learning, see our Post Course Content Online pages.

Create a Course IT Account

Note: To create a Course IT Account, you must be listed as the Primary Instructor for that course in SPIRE. Contact the Academic Scheduling Representative in your department if your SPIRE information needs to be updated.

You will only see one entry for each course that you are teaching, rather than individual entries for each section of the class (e.g., if you are teaching five sections for COMM 101, you will see only one entry for COMM 101).

  1. Log on to SPIRE.
  2. In the SPIRE navigation, go to OIT Accounts > Course OIT Accounts. The Create Course OIT Accounts page will open, listing your courses for the current and next term.
  3. On the Create Course OIT Accounts page, from the Course Table at left, select a course and click Create Course Account. The Create Course OIT Account - Enter Password and Hint page will open.
  4. On the Create Course OIT Account - Enter Password and Hint page:

    Note: Each of your Course IT accounts has a separate password that controls access to all services associated with that account. Resetting a Course IT Account password affects access to the UDrive, Blog, and Web site associated with that account.

    • Enter and confirm a password for this account. You will be prompted to enter this password when accessing your Course Blog, UDrive, or Web space.
    • If you'd like, you can set a reminder in case you forget this password. This reminder feature is optional.
    • Click Set Password and Reminder. Your Course IT Account is now created! Click Return to go back to the Create Course OIT Accounts page.
  5. On the Create Course OIT Accounts page, the account name for your course is listed under the Your Existing Accounts table at right. Use this account name and the password you have just created to access your Course Blog, UDrive, and Web space.

Manage a Course IT Account

Note: Course IT Accounts are never purged. They remain active until you leave the University or choose to delete them.

  1. In the SPIRE navigation, go to OIT Accounts > My OIT Accounts.
  2. On the My OIT Accounts - Account List page, you will see a list of existing accounts. To manage an account, select an account name.
  3. The My OIT Accounts - Account Detail page will open. Here you can schedule a date to delete your Course IT Account or reset your password.